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The Ultimate Guide to Metal Building Lean-Tos

Alicia Morales

A lean-to is a simple way to add a new structure to a pre-existing building or expand the useable space on your property. Whether you’re adding on to a shed, carport, or other metal building, a lean-to provides endless options for expansion and functionality.Lean-tos are simple structures formed by bracing rafters against a vertical surface, usually a wall. By definition, lean-tos have only one sloped roof and rely on a nearby structure for support. Many people use their lean-to as an affordable way to create a sheltered space, without investing in an entirely new building. 

Significantly expand the footprint of your existing building with a wide variety of design options. Choose to leave your lean-to open or make it enclosed. Whatever you decide, your lean-to will make a reliable storage space, extra room, or relaxation area.

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Why You Should Consider a Lean-To for Your Metal Building

  • Extend the dimensions of your house without breaking the bank. Lean-tos are the perfect addition to barndominium floor plans, garages, or any other metal building. Add a lean-to shed for convenient storage space.
  • Rediscover the comforts of home with a picnic area, fire pit, or play area for your kids. Enjoy late nights under the stars or an early morning coffee as the sun rises. A few tables and chairs can totally reinvent your outdoor space.
  • Add a lean-to to a custom metal carport and protect your valuable vehicles. Lean-tos easily accommodate cars, boats, motorcycles, tractors, and even RVs if they are sufficiently tall. Your steel lean-to will stand strong through inclement weather.
  • Enclose your lean-to and add an additional room to any building. For example, work out in your home gym, set up a game room, or make a home theater to entertain guests. 
  • Utilize the partial shade of a lean-to for a small garden plot. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own food from the comfort of your home.


Adding a Lean-to to an Existing or New Metal Building

  • Costs change dramatically depending on the size of your lean-to. Lengths range from 8-20 feet wide, and they can’t be longer than the building itself unless they wrap around. 
  • The height of the edge will always be three feet lower than the height of the building. This accommodates the natural slope of the roof. For example, a 13-foot building would have a 10-foot edge.
  • Bear in mind that we will only build lean-tos on buildings initially purchased with Alpha Structures. If you opt to build a new metal building, lean-tos are an affordable addition. 

Cost of Metal Building Lean-To’s

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many supply chain issues, and steel is no exception. As a result, the cost of metal buildings fluctuates with current steel prices, regardless of the manufacturer. Some companies may offer less expensive models, but customers should be wary—this does not reflect the true cost of materials.

A standard lean-to carport is 12x25 feet, which comfortably fits two cars and generally costs around $2,500.

If you need more storage space, you might opt for a 12x50 foot lean-to. Structures of this size cost around $3,300. 

Larger lean-tos are generally only used for commercial buildings. For example, a 32x60 foot lean-to is usually priced around $5,500. 

Consider the size of your free-standing structure before committing to the size of your lean-to. The standard width is 12 feet, but Alpha Structures offers custom sizes, as well.

Ultimately, the cost is mostly dependent on size and personalization. Feel free to customize your lean-to, but beware that your costs can double in the process. 

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If you’re on a budget and need a high-quality structure that will last a lifetime, look no further than a lean-to from Alpha Structures.  Increase your livable space without an expensive remodel and rely on the dependability and durability of steel. Alpha Structures has a team of qualified assistants ready to answer your questions and build the metal building lean-to of your dreams!

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