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Top 7 Uses for a Small, Attractive Commercial Metal Building

Alicia Morales

You know that old saying, "size doesn't matter?" Well, that rings true for commercial metal buildings.

A commercial metal building doesn't have to be a gargantuan mega-structure. In fact, some of the most attractive commercial steel buildings are modestly sized. So, let's discuss some top uses for smaller, attractive commercial metal buildings. 

What are the top 7 Uses for small commercial metal buildings? Here's your answer:

1. Business office

2. Retail store

3. Restaurant

4. Church

5. Apartment/Home

6. Garage/workshop

7. Storage units

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Small Commercial Metal Building for a Business Office

A small commercial metal building is a great option if you're looking for a cost-effective way to set up a business office. These metal buildings are easy to assemble and can be customized to fit your specific needs. They're also durable and weather-resistant, which makes them a good choice for businesses in any climate.

Recently, a client in Florida used a 34-foot by 48-foot metal building to move their high-rent pawn shop. The move saved them a lot of money in rent, and the building is now used as the main office for the business. The large open space is perfect for storing inventory and paperwork, and the metal construction ensures that the office is secure.


Small Commercial Metal Buildings for Retail Stores

A small commercial metal building could be the perfect option if you're looking to open a retail store in an area with limited space. Not only are these buildings cost-effective and easy to assemble, they also offer great benefits when it comes to security. The sturdy steel construction is difficult for criminals to break into, which is why many stores opt for metal buildings.

One retail use case was a California business that used a 32-foot by 60-foot building to open up a tack and feed store. The large open space was perfect for storing supplies and inventory, and the sturdy steel construction ensured their investments were safe from thieves.


Small Commercial Buildings for Restaurants & Bars

Small commercial metal buildings are also great for food and beverage outlets. These buildings are fire-resistant and inherently start with an open floor plan. Many restaurant owners choose metal buildings because of their flexibility you can customize the building to your exact needs and create an interior space that's perfect for hosting hungry customers.


Small Commercial Buildings for Church

There are many reasons why small commercial buildings make great churches. They are much more affordable than traditional church buildings and can be adapted to fit various needs. Smaller buildings are also easier to maintain and can be designed to be more attractive and inviting than traditional churches.

Small commercial buildings can be a great solution for churches that are just starting out or looking to expand. They provide an affordable space with the flexibility to design and create the perfect atmosphere for service. They provide plenty of room for seating and areas to hold special events and activities. And they can be easily customized with materials that are both attractive and cost-effective.

It's easy to add skylights for fantastic natural lighting, which helps create a more inviting atmosphere. They can also be equipped with modern amenities like audio and video systems, allowing churches to engage members in new ways. And they can also be modified with features such as childcare rooms and even coffee bars for fellowship.

Often, existing churches will use small commercial buildings for their secondary structure such as the Sunday school building or bible study area.


Metal buidling for apartment

Small Commercial Metal Buildings for Apartment, Home, and Barndominiums

Small commercial metal buildings can be used for apartments, homes, or barndominiums. This is a good option if you want a smaller home that is much more affordable than traditional homes. The building can be easily customized, and it is easy to maintain.

Some people opt to use smaller commercial buildings for detached apartments or mother-in-law/ guest houses. Others use them for large detached garages with plenty of storage with a loft-style apartment space overhead. The second option is perfect for visiting family, friends, or kids home from college. The first is for a more permanent domicile or to take advantage of the Airbnb boom.


30x51x12_02 metal workshop garage

Small Commercial Metal Building for Workshop or Garage

Workshops and garages are the perfect places for smaller commercial metal buildings. They offer the perfect amount of space for working on projects or parking cars. One of our recent clients in Florida built a beautiful auto shop with three bays and a separate entrance for the office space and reception area.

Commercial Storage Units

Whether you want to build a metal garage for personal storage that classifies as a commercial building because its clear span is 32 feet or wider, or if you want to build a larger metal building with partitions for individual storage units to rent out, commercial metal buildings are the perfect choice.

Our clients use their metal buildings to store just about anything, but most commonly, people store:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • ATVs
  • Lawn equipment
  • Tools
  • Household goods
  • Furniture
  • Holiday supplies and decorations

Conclusion for Small, Attractive Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial metal buildings can be used for various purposes, from small business offices to large restaurants. They are also perfect for retail stores, churches, and even home or apartment complexes. And if you need more space, they make great garages, workshops, and storage units. So whatever your needs may be, don't hesitate to consider using a commercial metal building. With so many options available, you're sure to find one perfect for your needs when you contact Alpha Structures.

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