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Metal Carports

Steel carports utilize the strength of metal to shelter vehicles and cover other equipment.

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Placing a strong roof over vehicles prevents damage caused by direct sunlight and storms. These custom metal carports can take on any color or size without breaking the bank. So, how big would you like your metal carport?

Our team cuts no corners. We use materials and certifications that meet all state requirements, and make sure you know exactly what your carport or garage will look like inside and out.

20 x 20 Carport

The standard box 20 x 20 carport gets a roof over your vehicles at the most effective price possible. Steel framing and panels offer coverage for up to 2 vehicles with room for doors to open. Double coated rust resistant metal ensures lasting stability in all our buildings.

20 x 20 Carport
Metal Carport with Lean-To

Metal Carport with Lean-To

By building off the main carport structure, an added lean-to extends the roof coverage at a reduced price. Adding this coverage to one side of a metal carport allows property owners to house a third vehicle or have room for a shaded outdoor work area.

Barn Style Steel Carports

A popular choice for a larger structure is the barn style steel carport design. This layout features a long, narrow, and tall center structure with 2 attached lean-to’s. The result is a barn-like look that holds multiple vehicles with room for an RV or upper level storage. It’s an attractive and highly functional approach to modern metal carports.

Large or Custom Carports

Large or Custom Carports

Our team excels at developing custom metal carports specific to your needs. Whether you want unique dimensions, extra height, or another bay door, we’ll make it happen. Quality service at a low price--that’s the Alpha way.

Metal Building Sizes

Width is the primary factor in building size. Our clear span custom metal buildings can be up to 70 feet wide and as long as you need. Wider buildings are also possible with interior support beams.

Support Beams

12’ - 24’ wide

Support beams on the outer walls every 5 feet (excluding doors). Clear span option available. No length restriction.

25’ - 70’ wide

Support beams on the outer walls every 4 feet (excluding doors). Clear span option available. No length restriction. A heavier metal gauge truss allows for extra width without the need for center support beams or compromising structural integrity.

Metal Carport

Common Building Sizes

If you’re not sure of the exact building size you’ll need, no problem. We work with property owners everyday to nail down the perfect balance between square footage and price for them. To get you started, here are a few examples for common custom metal building sizes.

20x20 metal building

2 car garage with limited storage space

20x30 metal building

2 car garage with additional space of lawn mower and other equipment

24x30 metal building

Large 2 car garage with extra walking space or a back room

30x30 metal building

Large hobby or small business workshop

40x60 metal building

Barn for 4-6 horses or business workshop

50x100 metal building

Industrial warehouse or commercial building

Building Materials and Certifications


Trusses and support beams are 14 gauge double coated galvanized steel. In wider building designs, 12 gauge trusses may be necessary. Weight-bearing framing is guaranteed to last 20 years without developing any rust (ask about our rust warranty for details). 

Roof and Wall Panels

We offer a variety of metal panels ranging in size, ribbing, and color to best fit the structure. These panels are rated to last at least as long as the framing. Our installation teams use horizontal siding to give the buildings a distinct look. We also offer vertical siding for buildings that need extra support.

Weather Rating

Building codes vary across different regions, and we know exactly what each state requires. Our buildings can withstand 120mph wind gusts and 20psf of snow load. Even if your local codes require additional strength, we will meet or exceed them.

Building Permits

We don’t work directly with local building inspection offices, but we make the process easy for you. Our team will provide all the required documents to get your building permit on the first submission. We pride ourselves on making our customers and inspectors happy with our attention to detail.

Why Alpha Structures?

You want a metal building that’s tough enough to withstand the test of time and mother nature. You also want a builder that’s easy to work with and responsive to your questions.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure you are confident and comfortable with the final design. You’ll receive a 3D model of your building before we start work, making sure it satisfies your vision.

We focus on the people we serve just as much as the buildings we put together.

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Building codes vary across different regions, and we know exactly what each state requires. Our buildings can withstand 140 mph wind gusts and 35 psf of snow load. Our structures in California are rated 120mph and 20 psf. Even if your local codes require additional strength, we will meet or exceed them.

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Metal carports are a very affordable option for protecting your cars and trucks from the weather. Contact us and a dedicated sales specialist will help you find the type you need.