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Metal Buildings For Your Business or Home

Metal buildings are steel structures that include garages, homes, commercial buildings, storage spaces, workshops, barns, and carports.

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Built For The Life You’ve Earned.

You’ve worked hard for what you have, and now, you’re ready for something more.

From expanding a business to building a dream home to starting a workshop, you need a metal building that matches your vision at a price you can afford.

Our team will keep you informed about the process from start to finish, and create the structure you’ve always wanted —on time and on budget. You’ve earned it.

Commercial and Residential Metal Buildings

Alpha Structures LLC is a premier provider of custom metal buildings, including metal garages, commercial metal buildings, carports, storage buildings, workshops, barns, and everything in between.

We have expanded into 40 states across the U.S., making us one of the fastest-growing providers of metal structures in the country.

And we’ve done this by treating every customer like they are our first. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

fast stop watch Fast Turnarounds

You’ve worked hard to get the resources for this project, and you probably want to know how quickly we can install your metal building. The answer is it depends on your location and whether you have a foundation prepped, leveled, and ready for construction. Learn more about how you can speed up your installation by visiting our FAQs page.

np_savings_3707745_002B55Affordable Pricing

Metal building prices depend on the size of the project, the cost of steel, and the time and expertise required for installation. We will price-match any quote that truly matches our proposal, but we will not cut corners to save costs. We’ve built our name on providing safe, quality, and affordable metal storage buildings and metal carports. That is our number one priority.

np_communication_2561286_002B55Responsiveness and Communication

Our customers feel heard because we take the time to listen.

Regardless of whether you’ve planned a pre-engineered metal building or metal garage before, our team is ready to guide you through the options and help you arrive at the most cost-effective solution. We’re also happy to show you the finer details about the interior look, construction process, and metal building components. 

Check out our learning center for resources that will help you plan your structure!

Steel prices are updating weekly. Get a quote and lock-in the cost of your metal building today!

We offer financing and rent-to-own options to qualified buyers.



Need financing? We can help.

Get financing for up to $20,000 and 60-month terms for qualified buyers. We offer a fixed APR, starting at 11.99%. We also offer a rent-to-own option for landowners and homeowners. No proof of income or credit check is required, and you can finance up to $15,000 for 60 months. 

Featured Metal Building for Sale

Interested in a building like this? Talk to our specialists.


Type/Dimensions: 30’x70’x12’

Product Description:

▪️ (3)10'x10' roll-up doors with Dutch Corners
▪️ (1) Walk-in door 36" x 80"

▪️ (3) Windows 24" x 30

Price: $33,500.00 installed + tax.

* Prices vary by state.

Metal Structure Installations 

Metal Building Sizes

Our clearspan custom metal buildings can be up to 70 feet wide and as long as you need. Wider buildings are also possible with interior support beams. 

12’ - 24’ wide

Support beams on the outer walls every 5 feet (excluding doors). Clearspan option available. No length restriction.

25’ - 70’ wide

Support beams on the outer walls every 4 feet (excluding doors). Clearspan option available. No length restriction. A heavier metal gauge truss allows for extra width without the need for center support beams or compromising structural integrity.



Common Building Sizes

If you’re not sure of the exact building size you’ll need, no problem. We work with property owners everyday to nail down the perfect balance between square footage and price. To get started, here are a few examples for common custom metal building sizes.


20x20 metal building - 2 car garage with limited storage space

20x30 metal building - 2 car garage with additional space of lawn mower and other equipment

24x30 metal building - Large 2 car garage with a back room

30x30 metal building - Large hobby or small business workshop

40x60 metal building - Barn for 4-6 horses or business workshop

50x100 metal building - Industrial warehouse or commercial building

Building Framing and Certifications


Trusses and support beams are 14-gauge double-coated galvanized steel. In wider building designs, 12-gauge trusses may be necessary. Weight-bearing framing is guaranteed to last 20 years without developing any rust (ask about our warranty for details).  

Roof and Wall Panels

We offer a variety of metal panels ranging in size, ribbing, and color to best fit the structure. These panels are rated to last at least as long as the framing. Our installation teams use horizontal siding to give the buildings a distinct look. We also offer vertical siding for buildings that need extra support.


Weather Rating

Building codes vary across different regions, and we know exactly what each state requires. Our buildings can withstand 140mph wind gusts and 35psf of snow load. Our structures in California are rated 120mph and 20psf.  Even if your local codes require additional strength, we will meet or exceed them.


Building Permits

We don’t work directly with local building inspection offices, but we make the process easy for you. Our team will pull together engineer plans, which we can design for an additional fee. Prices and plans will vary, depending on the project.

Why Alpha Structures?

You want a metal building that’s tough enough to withstand the test of time and mother nature. You also want a builder that’s easy to work with and responsive to your questions.

  Our team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure you are confident and comfortable with the final design. You’ll receive a 3D model of your building before we start work, making sure it satisfies your vision.

Quickest Lead Times



Building codes vary across different regions, and we know exactly what each state requires.Our buildings can withstand 140 mph wind gusts and 35 psf of snow load. Our structures in California are rated 120 mph and 20 psf. Even if your local codes require additional strength, we will meet or exceed them.

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