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Custom Metal Carports: Choosing The Right Size

Daniel Torres

Whether you own an expansive property or a small plot of land, there is a metal carport that fits your exact dimensions. In case you’re worried about the expense, custom metal carports are surprisingly affordable.

Metal carport prices and sizes vary depending on what the carport will be used for. If you decide to add “extras” like drywall, windows, or a loft, expect to pay a bit more. Stylistic flourishes and additions are always optional, so you can find a metal carport that perfectly suits your needs and price range.

Single Metal Carports

A farmer with thousands of acres of land and a homeowner with a small fenced-in yard may need carports of drastically different sizes. If you only need to house one vehicle, consider buying a single carport, which is generally 12 feet wide. This is more than sufficient for a small car, motorcycle, or moped. If you want to accommodate an RV or motor home, it may be worth moving up a size. Although most single carports can fit an RV, the narrow opening might make for some nerve-wracking driving.


Double Metal Carports 

Many American households have two or more vehicles. If this applies to you, a double metal carport is probably your best option. Ranging from 18 to 24 feet wide, double carports can comfortably house two cars or a larger recreational vehicle. Be sure to consider a double metal carport if you have a boat, tractor, or heavy construction equipment. 

Many people use their custom metal carports exclusively for storage. A double carport comfortably fits one vehicle with ample space leftover to organize your things. If you are housing vehicles, be certain to make exact measurements before committing to a metal carport. It’s important to budget extra space, especially if you drive an SUV, minivan, or larger vehicle. 

You can even partition your double carport to compartmentalize different areas for specific purposes. Use one half of your metal building as a work area and the other half as a greenhouse, man cave, or anything imaginable. With proper ventilation, you can even convert part of your metal carport into a kennel for your pet. 

Keep in mind that metal carports don’t need to store cars at all. An open-air double carport makes a great outdoor break area for your business. Simply add a metal carport to your yard to create a comfortable outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. Host friends or enjoy the fresh air with your family. The sky is the limit when it comes to using your custom metal carport.

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Triple Metal Carports

Don’t be discouraged by their size: triple carports are a good solution for many businesses and households with room to spare. Generally spanning 26 to 30 feet, triple metal carports can easily house numerous combinations of vehicles, machinery, storage, and dedicated work areas. This is a great solution for farmers or anyone with oversized equipment. 

Triple carports are also large enough to accommodate livestock like cattle and horses. Add a few feeding troughs and metal stalls and transform your metal carport into functional stables for personal use or business.

If you have a pool, metal carports can also function as a poolside cabana to offer shade through the hot summer months. 

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Metal Carport Height

Once you’ve determined the ideal width of your custom metal carport, it’s time to decide on a height. Many households only require a standard height to house cars, bikes, and household items. But RVs, cherry pickers, and other tall equipment require proportionally high ceilings.  The future is impossible to predict, so you may want to invest in a taller carport to leave your options open.  

The standard carport height is 12 feet, but many people buy a larger carport because they hope to eventually upgrade to a more sizeable vehicle. It’s much cheaper to buy an appropriately sized metal carport that gives you room to grow. Prepare to add significant expenses if you need to enlarge or replace your metal carport years down the road. This is especially true if you make additional investments like decorations, lighting, or even solar panels. You will thank yourself for doing research upfront and identifying the ideal metal carport for your needs. If you’re having trouble deciding, reach out to Alpha Structures and speak with one of our experienced employees.

Metal carports are so easy to customize that the possibilities can be overwhelming. But with a little planning and a modest investment, you can drastically increase your curb appeal or add a useful extension to your business. Take all of your equipment, vehicles, and potential necessities into consideration before deciding on a final design. Give yourself room to grow and don’t forget to calculate the exact dimensions of your vehicles. In the meantime, our team of experts is waiting to guide you through the process. Call today and soon you’ll enjoy the metal carport of your dreams.

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