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How to Make Your Metal Garage Look Amazing

Kenneth Aguilar

How to Make Your Metal Garage Look Amazing

Shiny new metal garages already look great right after they’re installed. But if you thought it would cost a lot of money to make them look amazing, think again.

While metal garages and structures used to be pretty uninviting, modern designs look great from the get-go, and you have many options how to significantly and affordably up the curb appeal of your beautiful new metal garage.

The beauty of metal garages is they meet multiple needs: car, RV, boat protection, workspace, and ample storage, all while fitting into most people’s budget. They come in numerous layouts and dimensions, and their materials and certifications meet all state requirements.

Right now, wood prices are sky-high, so learning how to make your metal garage look amazing with the following tips and tricks can ensure that your structure achieves the curb appeal you want.

1. Install Exterior Lighting

Well-installed exterior lighting can accentuate the highlights of your metal garage, giving it an inviting and cozy look.

2. Gel-Stain Your Roll-Up Garage Door

Gel-staining your roll-up garage door can make it appear much more like a wooden garage door while remaining far more affordable. Be sure to choose the right gel stain color, depending on the color of your garage and other nearby structures (like your house), and you might consider painting the door a neutral color first before gel-staining.

3. Paint Your Metal Garage with Accents

Decorative garage door accents add style and transform a basic metal garage door into something that looks much more classy.

4. Add a Porch

Even metal garages can include a beautiful porch that works perfectly for entertaining, a place to rest and relax, and naturally, increase its curb appeal. Alpha Structures offers lean-tos that can match perfectly with your new metal building as an add-on.

5. Landscape Around Your New Metal Garage

Adding landscaping around your new metal garage can also have a significant effect on its’ curb appeal. Depending on space and where you live, consider flowers, trees, stones, bushes, grass, and lawn decor according to your preferences.

6. Exterior Wainscoting or Stone Siding

Both wainscoting and stone siding—where exterior wainscotting would go—can give your metal garage a complete makeover, making it look more dressed-up and intimate. If you’re on a tighter budget, you might also simply consider changing the color of your siding for a similar effect.

7. Add Gutters to Your Metal Garage

While also being functional to keep you and your family dry and offering leak protection, gutters can help to dress up the roof area of your metal garage.

8. Soffit and Fascia

Both fascia and soffit are ways of modifying your metal garage by adding architectural creativity to the edge of its’ roof, giving it a more refined and classy look. Your installer can give you the exact dimensions of your building’s eves and overhangs to help you determine which type and shape of soffit panels and fascia are suitable for your metal garage.

9. Frame-out Dutch Corners

 Forty-five-degree angle cuts—otherwise known as Dutch Corners— can give your new metal garage a very nice aesthetic touch, and Alpha Structures can help you perfect and carry out these aesthetically pleasing designs.

10. Put-up Solar Panels

Why not take advantage of your metal garage by dressing it up with solar panels, which can also save money on utilities and lower your environmental footprint? Certain solar technology types are especially well-suited to work with metal roofs, and you don’t have to live in a warm climate to be more self-sufficient when it comes to your energy use.

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11. Add Air Vents

Air vents cross-ventilate your metal garage and deliver some extra natural light to the interior. They are also a decorative aesthetic.

12. Custom Windows

Custom windows, walk-in doors, and rollups can give your metal garage instant curb appeal. Once you decide what size windows or doors you want, Alpha Structures can customize the cutout to achieve your vision.

13. Add Shutters

Including shutters on the exterior of your metal garage will make it look more warm and welcoming. Even if your garage is simply used for car protection or as a workspace, shutters and custom windows give it an artsy touch.

14. Upgrade to Heavier Grade Steel Panels

Opting for 26 gauge steel panels instead of 29 gauge looks nicer and is much stronger, helping your building to last even longer. An Alpha Structures team member can help you decide which panels are best for your new metal garage.


Along with these 14 design elements to make your new metal garage look fantastic, also be sure to keep the area clean and well-maintained by weeding, tidying up garden and lawn areas, and keeping walkways and paths clear. Metal garages can seriously complement your home’s aesthetics with the right strategies, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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