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11 Unexpected Uses for Metal Carports

Daniel Torres

Metal Carport as RV Cover

Most garages aren’t equipped to accommodate oversized vehicles like RVs and campers. Metal RV ports offer a sensible solution at an affordable price.

Open-air structures keep your vehicle safe from the elements while simultaneously allowing for easy accessibility. Metal carports save money on maintenance costs and keep your RV in pristine condition. As a result, this investment often pays for itself over the lifetime of a vehicle.

Metal Carport as Boat Cover

The name “carport” is a bit of a misnomer. You can use a metal carport to protect virtually any vehicle—including motorcycles, jet skis, boats, and tractors. Many boat owners are forced to crowd their garages or pay for expensive off-site storage each month. A metal boat port gives you the flexibility to protect your boat at home or store it at a lake or marina.

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Metal Carport as Covered Picnic Area

Metal carports provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Many families add a picturesque covered patio to their backyard so they can enjoy the cool breeze during a summer barbecue or take respite from the cold after building snowmen. A covered picnic area promises year-round family fun and protection from inclement weather. Metal structures are even used as gazebos in public parks or private homes.

Metal Carport as Pet or Livestock Shelter

Dogs love space to explore but it’s dangerous to leave them outside during the hot summer months. A metal carport gives your dog ample opportunity to run freely and saves them from dehydration and overheating. In addition to dog kennels, metal carports are frequently used to house livestock like cattle and horses. Whether you are a hobbyist or a full-time farmer, manufacturers can customize your metal barn to match the scale of your operation. It’s easy to place stalls and feeding troughs into an existing metal barn, and you’ll save money compared to a conventional barn or stables.

Metal Carport as Employee Break Area

If your employees need an outdoor area to take a break and get fresh air, a metal carport provides a simple, comfortable solution. New studies correlate outdoor breaks with increased productivity, and employers like Google, Microsoft, and Walmart are joining this trend to keep their workers happy and boost profits. A few picnic tables and plants will transform a metal carport into a welcoming relaxation area for employees and management alike.

Metal Carport as Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy your morning coffee as the sun rises or invite neighbors for an evening barbecue. An outdoor kitchen gives you the flexibility to cook outside 365 days a year. Host outdoor meals with family and friends or simply enjoy the fresh air as you eat breakfast. Even a grill or a camp stove can transform your carport into a multipurpose cooking area.

Metal Carport for Outdoor Events

Outdoor concerts are a perfect complement to parties and special occasions. Host your favorite local band or hire a DJ to entertain the neighborhood, with no danger of rain interfering with electrical equipment. You can even rent your event space for ticketed concerts and weddings with the proper permitting—providing both entertainment and supplemental income. From birthday parties to graduations, open-air metal buildings are a great amenity for any celebration.

Metal Carport as Greenhouse

Achieve self-sufficiency by growing your own food year-round with a climate-controlled greenhouse. An airtight metal structure gives you total control to harvest vegetables, fruit, seeds, and ornamental plants. Conventional greenhouses are often prohibitively expensive, but you can save money by outfitting your metal building with grow lights and a hydroponic system. With an efficient greenhouse, your produce can be even cheaper than the grocery store.

Metal Carport as Man Cave

Plaster the walls with posters from your favorite team. Install a minibar and pool table. Kick back in a comfortable chair and watch the game with your friends. Transforming a metal carport into a man cave is remarkably easy. Alternately, you can fill the space with arcade games or make a play area for your kids. A game room will make you the most popular person in the neighborhood.

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Metal Carport as Cabin or Secondary Building

The possibilities are endless. Add a guesthouse in your backyard to host friends or rent for additional income. Build a cabin for a secluded getaway. Relax by the pool in a covered poolside cabana. You can even use a metal building as your primary residence and save an enormous sum when compared to buying a home. 

With this, you would handle walling your carport in and handling the finished work yourself or with a 3rd party contractor. Also, keep in mind that additions void the engineer's warranty.

Metal Carport for Energy Production

As the world transitions to renewable energy, make the green choice and save money on utilities in the process. Solar panels are an easy addition to metal carports, and your investment will pay for itself as you pump clean energy into the power grid. Best of all, a solar array pairs naturally with any of the above-mentioned options for your metal structure.

Hopefully, this article sparks your imagination as you consider the best way to incorporate a metal carport into your home. These amazing buildings have an infinite number of uses depending on your exact needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Alpha Structures with any questions. A team of qualified experts is on-call to customize the perfect metal building for your property.

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