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What Does a Metal Building Cost?

Daniel Torres

So, you finally have the chance to build a new carport or metal structure on your property, but don’t know where to start.

The good news is that you can have a metal building or carport installed for as little as $1,400—or up to $50,000+  depending on how many options you need and how large you want to go.

One of the first questions people ask when looking into constructing a metal building is: How much will it cost? Even basic research will show that there is not a simple answer to this question. There are general ball-park figures, which we will review in this article. But it’s important to understand the significant variances in steel prices and steel building costs before making any major decisions.

Before we get into actual prices, it’s important to understand how materials are purchased for metal buildings and how the market substantially affects their prices throughout the year. There is also a variety of other factors that impact the price of metal buildings, including the size, the price of steel, and your location.

Steel Prices Impact the Cost of Metal Buildings?

The price of steel is a complex topic—something of a moving target when estimating costs. Available information about steel prices can often be contradictory. In this article, we will examine the factors that affect building costs, as well as practical examples of quality construction of metal buildings and carports. Once you understand the factors that can impact the prices of steel buildings, you will be able to better assess the situation and find the most affordable option for your property. It is best to start your journey by first considering the size of your project, so let’s take a look at some estimates based on the most common sizes. As you can see below, there are notable variations in the prices of some larger carports, which can majorly impact your bottom line. How soon are you hoping to install your metal building? Talk to one of our  specialists about available dates.

How Are Metal Buildings Priced?

As you might imagine, steel buildings don’t all fit neatly into one category, as there are unlimited options and features that can be added to customize your building. Let’s take a look at some other considerations to keep in mind while assessing your options. 

Many websites list prices by the square foot, but this isn’t the best estimate of costs. Clearspan is a better unit of measurement for estimating the accurate cost of your new metal building. There are thousands of metal building combinations, so we always recommended giving us a call to get an accurate estimate. 

For example, standard metal carport kits cost from $1,400 to $5,500, and factors that affect prices include the number of cars to store, wall material, and roof pitch options. Wider spans will cost more because of the extra trusses, purlins, and materials. In many cases, if you're looking for a standard carport, the 24 x 40-foot unit ($10,900) is the most affordable option compared to the 30 x 40-foot unit (>$15,000). 

Most of our units are built with 14-gauge square tubing. It's all double-coated, galvanized steel, with a 20-year warranty. We also have the ability to upgrade your building with 26 gauge panels for a 15% addition to the costs. As we mentioned before, the prices of these materials can change dramatically from month to month, so we suggest that you go ahead and lock your price with an initial deposit. We can hold your building for up to six months for the same prices after a deposit is made. 


Other Factors That Impact Metal Building Price?

It’s interesting to note that making a metal building longer is much cheaper than making it wider or taller. Less steel is used in the spans for long buildings. However, price should not be the only factor you consider when choosing a steel building design. You should carefully assess what you want out of the building, then decide which building design and size will help you achieve your goals. The extra initial cost may be worth it if it translates into savings down the line.

Additional factors like the ground you build on, the amount of wind and snowfall in your area, and other geographic features can have a considerable impact on pricing. If you need engineering plans in order to build on a certain property, we can help you get approved by your town or city. 

The actual design of the building is another factor to consider, such as roof pitch and extras like door walk-ins, roll-up windows, and heavy-duty roofs. For example, a 4x12 roof pitch is a 15% increase and a 5x12 pitch is a 20%. In some cases, you may need a taller or flatter roof, so be sure to think about roof pitch when assessing your options. Alpha Structures’ Vertical Roof design is customizable and prevents leakage and debris build-up on the roof if you’re around trees, especially pines. 

When you shop with Alpha Structures, installation is included in the quoted cost, so there are no surprises or hidden installation fees!


From building sizes and types to roof pitch and styling additions, purchasing a metal building may seem like too much work for a single person. These unlimited options tend to overwhelm people, especially when searching for the most affordable options. We recommend that you start with the basics: look at your land and foundations, weather, what will be stored in the unit, and what style you like most. 

We hope you have uncovered some solid insights into considerations for purchasing a metal building, but the only real way to get an accurate price for your exact requirement is by giving us a call today. We’ve seen just about everything and will help direct you to the most affordable options for your budget. So what are you waiting for—call us now or contact us via our website and we will help you with your unique metal building needs.

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