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Clearance Metal Building for Sale: 24x30 Garage

Daniela Vazquez

Clearance Metal Building for Sale at Alpha Structures

If you have been searching for an affordable metal building on clearance, to use as a garage, storage facility, pool house, etc., this spring or early summer, you're in luck. We are currently running a special on a metal garage unit that is the perfect addition to any property—whether front and center in the driveway or tucked into the backyard.

Clearance Metal Building Details
Type: Metal Garage Style
Dimensions: 24' x 30' x 10'
Comes Equipped With:
  • One 10' x 10' Metal Roll-up Door
  • One 9' x 8' Metal Roll-up Door
  • Standard Entry Door (36" x 80")
  • Two 24" x 30" Windows
  • 14 Gauge Double-Coated Galvanized Steel Trusses and Support Beams
  • 20-Year Rust and Structural Guarantee on Weight-Bearing Framing
  • 3/12 Pitch Vertical Roof
  • Various color choices
  • Installation Included
  • One very low price!

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At twenty feet wide and 30 feet deep, this is an oversized two-car garage with plenty of space for a backroom or workbenches and extra open-floor storage space. It’s the perfect size for a garage or metal building workshop, or to double as a pool pumphouse plus storage—even an actual pool house, man cave, or she-shed.

Discount Metal Garage with Curb Appeal

A brand-new metal garage already looks fantastic. However, we have a variety of vertical metal siding colors available so that the moment we install your new metal garage, it already closely matches the existing structures on your property.

Although there are dozens of ways to easily customize metal garages, our existing color sets and thick, high-quality metal panels will give your new metal garage immediate curb appeal that makes the neighbors jealous.  

You may have seen that steel prices have forced the cost of metal buildings up. But here at Alpha Structures, we have kept the price of this month's featured metal storage building as affordable as possible. In fact, we've discounted it so that it's the same price as before the April 1st price hike.

Do I need Concrete for this Metal Building on Clearance Sale?

A concrete pad is a good idea for a building this size, however, it’s not required. All that we need is for you to have the ground professionally leveled before installation begins.

Do I need Permits for this Building?

We at Alpha Structures always recommend that you check with your local township with regards to building permits. Typically, buildings 120 square feet and under do not need permits. However, this is a 720 square-foot metal garage building, so most counties are likely to require building permits for this metal building.

That said, whether or not you choose to pull permits is on you. Alpha Structures is not responsible for permits and does not check for permits before installation, as the onus is on the homeowner or landowner.


How Much is this Clearance Metal Building for Sale?

If you are anywhere in the south, then this exact building is on sale for just $11,500.00 plus tax. plus tax! These states include Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

In northern and West Coast states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and California—and others, this clearance metal building is priced to sell at $13,800.00 plus tax.

We now offer fixed-rate financing up to $20,000.00! So, call us directly with the button at the top of the page, or click below for a quote on a similar metal building designed exactly to your needs.  

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