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Metal Buildings: The Ultimate Termite Solution

Alicia Morales

Unless you want to live in Alaska—the only state cold enough to prevent termites—you need to be proactive to protect your home from the threat of serious damage.

To guard your home against termites, you can hire an exterminator—but this is expensive, doesn’t last long-term, and the noxious fumes can damage your health. Termiticides can be deadly to children, pets, and people with compromised health. 

The best termite solution is to avoid them in the first place by building with steel.

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How to Know if Termites Will be an Issue

Termites thrive in most climates in the United States. They live underground in a network of tunnels and come to the surface to feed. 

Damp wood termites prefer soggy stumps or moist wood and often enter the house through the faucet. Conversely, dry wood termites seek out any type of dry lumber and can nest deep within the foundation of a house, which usually leads to structural problems.

Both types of termites are frequently found in walls, floors, bathrooms, and furniture around the United States. 

Termites are particularly active in the American South, where temperatures never get cold enough to kill them. Choose a reliable metal building company for your project and repel termites before they become a problem.


The Cost of Termite Infestations

You’ve saved up for a new home or business. You pulled permits, hired a general contractor, and completed construction. But disaster strikes—your brand new building has been devastated by termites. 

Every year, roughly 600,000 homes in the United States suffer from termite damage, costing more than 5 billion dollars in cumulative repairs. The average cost per household is $3,000 for each termite infestation. 

Of course, there are preventative measures you can take—but you can easily spend hundreds of dollars every year on pest control and termiticides. Even if the exterior of your home is made of inorganic materials, termites can burrow into the interior and devour anything organic.

The Problem with Termiticides

Pest control has come a long way in the last few decades, and pesticides are much less toxic than they used to be. But without the guidance of a professional, you can easily harm yourself through exposure to toxic chemicals. 

The Environmental Protection Agency offers guidelines for safely applying termiticides, but most people fail to follow these guidelines. As a result, the EPA strongly recommends against do-it-yourself termite sprays.

Prolonged exposure to these chemicals leads to a host of health problems, including a higher risk of cancer, seizures, pancreas and liver problems, tremors, and fertility problems. Don’t run the risk of serious health maladies just to save a few dollars.

Termite traps are much safer for humans, but ultimately they are less effective than termiticides. If you have a full infestation, termite traps will be woefully insufficient to protect your home or business.

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Why Metal Buildings are the Ultimate Termite Solution

If you’re alarmed about the potential cost of a termite infestation, don’t worry—there’s a simple solution. Construct a durable, affordable metal building and your home will be practically impervious to termites. 

Both termites and carpenter ants will eat through wood, paper, cotton, and virtually any organic substance. By building with steel, you can ward off termites and keep your home safe. Best of all, metal buildings are usually cheaper and easier to install than wood buildings. If you’re looking for a long-term termite solution that won’t break the bank, look no further than a prefabricated steel building. 

Avoid exorbitant costs, severe health problems, and constant maintenance by investing in a metal building that will evade termites, rust, and inclement weather. With a safe and reliable metal building, you can enjoy peace of mind and start making meaningful memories with friends and family in your brand new steel structure today. 

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