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How to Pest-Proof Your Metal Shed

Alicia Morales

Metal sheds are naturally much more pest-resistant than wood sheds. That said, any storage shed is the perfect environment for all kinds of bugs and rodents, so you need to take precautions to avoid an infestation.

Storage sheds are dark, warm, and infrequently trafficked by human visitors. Mice, cockroaches, spiders, and termites have found their version of paradise here. With all due respect for our four- (or eight-) legged friends, we’d prefer them outside of our sheds and homes.

Thankfully, metal sheds are far easier to pest-proof than any wooden structure. All it takes is some common sense and following these eight tips to ensure that pests don’t make your metal shed their home:

  1. Always take out the trash
  2. Inspect your shed for gaps
  3. Keep the interior clean
  4. Maintain outside landscaping
  5. Fumigate occasionally
  6. Don’t leave open seed bags
  7. Avoid water accumulation
  8. Get a cat

Now, let’s get into more detail.

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Eight Ways to Pest-Proof Your Metal Shed

By being diligent about these eight strategies, you can make sure your metal shed stays pest-free.


Always take out the trash

We all do it: wait to take the trash out until it’s overflowing. In a metal storage shed, this is a recipe for attracting all kinds of pests. Bugs absolutely love trash, so keep your bins outside of your shed and empty the trash frequently.

Inspect your shed for gaps

Always check your shed for gaps, cracks, or any other space where bugs and other animals might enter. Inspect doors, windows, and all exterior parts of your shed for potential points of entry. If you find spaces, consider filling them in with silicone caulking. When choosing a metal building company, be sure to ask if this service is offered. Alpha Structures building installers can do this upon request, with no additional charges other than the material.

Installing weather-stripping along the windows and doors is another great way to prevent pests and insulate your shed.

Keep the interior clean

You’re hard-pressed to find a storage shed that is completely spick-and-span, but clean sheds make all the difference when it comes to pests. Be sure to regularly vacuum, sweep, or hose out your metal shed. This includes getting rid of spider webs, insects on the floor, and eliminating potential hiding places. 

You can also leave some rosemary, thyme, citronella, or lavender essential oils around after you clean, which work as natural insect repellents. Peppermint oil can keep spiders away, in particular.

Maintain outside landscaping

Tall hedges and grass in the vicinity of your metal shed create natural access points for pests. Keep everything well maintained, and consider keeping taller plants away from the close perimeter of your shed as a rule. Nicely maintained landscaping also doubles as a good metal building security measure.

Fumigate occasionally

Check with your local hardware store or garden center for insecticide sprays you can use on your metal shed, and learn how often to use them. There is a range of products that work well for different materials and types of pests, so get an expert opinion if you are dealing with an infestation or acting preventatively. 

Repellent lining paper is another helpful alternative when laid across the windows and other entry points. This strategy works especially well for spiders.

Don’t leave open seed bags

If you store seed bags in your shed, don’t leave any open bags around. These tasty morsels are best kept in a sealed, plastic bin, instead of out in the open.

Avoid water accumulation

Any leaks or other sources of water accumulation make a hospitable environment for pests. Humidity doesn’t just cause mold, it also attracts bugs and rodents. If you can, keep screened windows or crack a door to help with humidity. You can also get a dehumidifier to mitigate humid air.

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Turn off the lights

Light sources attract bugs like moths and flies, so it’s best not to keep a permanent light on inside your shed. Keep indoor and outdoor lights to a minimum.

Get a cat

You can never go wrong with a cat for natural pest protection! If you’re already a cat owner, this is a no-brainer. If not, consider adopting a cat as a new addition to the family and the ultimate protection against pests.


Even though metal is easier to keep pest-free than wood, you still need to take precautions. Any storage shed can turn into a pest paradise before you know it, so staying on top of cleaning, fumigation, water accumulation, and landscaping is key. Also be mindful of trash, spaces in the exterior, and unnecessary lights. And last but certainly not least, consider adding a cat to the family! Meow. 

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