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How to Improve Your Metal Building’s Security and Safety

Alicia Morales

You’ve already invested in a metal building and now you want to make it as secure as possible. The good news is metal buildings are naturally some of the safest structures money can buy. But even with an ultra-strong metal building, it’s important to take some all necessary precautions. 

Security starts in the design phase. What type of damage are you most worried about? It will be much easier to address those problems before you start construction. 

Are burglaries common in your area? Do you have expensive equipment or machinery in your metal building? If so, it might be worth investing in additional security.

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8 Ways to Keep Your Metal Building Safe and Secure

The following eight strategies range between simple and inexpensive to security measures that require more investment, depending on your needs.


Doors for your Metal Building

It’s important to invest in heavy, high-quality doors for your custom metal building. Taking this step offers two benefits: your doors will keep you safe from intruders and stand up to inclement weather like high winds and heavy rains. 

Lightweight roller doors are susceptible to break-ins, whereas heavy-grade steel doors that anchor into a concrete foundation are virtually guaranteed to hold up under pressure. Stop by your local hardware store and pick up a fortified walk-in door for your metal building.

Locks for your Metal Building

Of course, locks are an easy way to increase security around your home or business. Weak locks are easy to break or pick. Invest in a high-quality lock with reinforced shackles. Traditional deadlocks are complemented by lock bars and electronic locks that require a PIN code. 

Windows for your Metal Building

Brace your windows with reinforced glass for added protection. If your windows have shutters, be sure they close fully and incorporate locks. Alpha Structures carries a wide variety of window sizes. Most models include a simple white grid with a screen. If security is a concern, we offer heavier windows, although there is a slight price increase.

Roofs for your Metal Building

Many people fail to consider fortified roofing when securing their home or business. Add composite cladding to the walls and roof of your metal building instead of single skin cladding. Benefit from better climate control and cut down on heating and cooling bills—all while enjoying peace of mind with your super-secure metal building.

Alarm System for your Metal Building

Consider an alarm system to take your security to the next level. This can be a basic standalone system that alerts you in case of an intrusion, or a part of a larger security system. It’s common for systems to send notifications to your phone when you’re out of the house, or even contact law enforcement in your area.

Important features include: glass break detectors, window sensors, central monitoring systems, remote access, motion detectors, and door chimes. These features are not included with your standard metal building.

Security Cameras for your Metal Building

Even a fake security camera sends a message to would-be criminals and reduces the chances of a break-in. Add real closed circuit cameras to your home and prevent crimes from happening in the first place. In the unfortunate instance of a burglary, you can provide real evidence to law enforcement and increase the likelihood of recovering your belongings. 

Landscape Security for your Metal Building

When you consider advanced security systems, landscaping probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But a few clever additions to your yard can help protect your home against potential threats. Add a fence or shrub perimeter to the edge of your property line. Create a line of sight to the street so you can monitor your surroundings. Even cleaning your yard and avoiding signs of neglect will make your property less appealing to an intruder.

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Secure Air-Conditioning Window Units for your Metal Building

Make sure your AC units are tightly secured to your window frame. Loose AC units can easily be removed by a criminal for quick access to your metal building. Take this up a notch by adding metal security bars outside of your window.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you live, it always pays to be careful. You will thank yourself in the future for the security precautions you take today. Add simple fixes like secure doors and locks or more sophisticated adjustments like security cameras and alarm systems. If you have questions about securing your metal building, reach out to Alpha Structures and we will help you through the process!

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