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How To Customize Your Metal Building

Kenneth Aguilar


How To Customize Your Metal Building

When most people imagine metal buildings, they picture austere, utilitarian structures. There’s nothing wrong with a simple design, but you can easily personalize and beautify your metal building to complement the rest of your property.

  • Add a Loft to Your Metal Building
  • Install Residential or Commercial Windows in Your Metal Building 
  • Add a Wraparound Covered Porch to Your Metal Building
  • Add Details to the Exterior of Your Metal Building
  • Install New Lighting in Your Metal Building 
  • Add Landscaping to Your Metal Building

These minor adjustments will bring your custom metal building to life and even increase curb appeal. A few small investments can significantly boost the value of your home or business.

Add a Loft to Your Metal Building

Transform your loft into a storage space and keep the ground floor of your metal building clear and open. Reduce clutter and make your custom metal building more comfortable. Build an office in your loft and create a productive area where you can focus on work, away from the stress of everyday life. 

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You can even use your loft as a spare bedroom or a living room to relax and host guests. A television, couch, and lighting instantly convert a loft into a welcoming space for friends and family. Lofts are a perfect solution if you have limited space. You can maximize the capacity of your building, without paying for a separate structure. 

Install Residential or Commercial Windows in Your Metal Building

Windows are an easy customization for pre-engineered metal structures. Use natural light to cut down on electricity and heating costs in the winter and enjoy the views surrounding your property. Fixed-glass windows offer heightened security and increased comfort for your metal building, and they can be installed without specialized equipment. Install shutters for added shade and privacy. Small aesthetic considerations like size, shape, and trim color give your building a cohesive look and increase its curb appeal. 

Doors are another great addition to customize your metal building. Express your style with sliding glass doors, heavy wooden doors, or classic barn doors, among many other options. These minor additions are relatively inexpensive and easy to install—and they pay dividends if you ever decide to sell your property.

Add a Wraparound Covered Porch to Your Metal Building

Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your wraparound covered porch. Understated additions maximize the livable space in your metal building and protect your employees or guests from the elements. An awning and a few tables turn a custom metal garage into an all-weather hangout. Host a barbecue, play games, or simply sit and enjoy the sunset from your new outdoor living room. 

You can also add an attractive open-air break area to your business and help your employees relax while they pause between shifts. Use different materials to change the character of your metal building. It’s possible to create a rustic ambiance or a modern design with just a few small changes in color or material. 

Add Details to the Exterior of Your Metal Building

Just like a home, the finishing touches on a metal building can take a structure from average to amazing. The dependable steel frame of your metal building provides long-lasting shelter. You can even personalize your exterior with a few minute details. Brick corners or a walkway add a wonderful cozy touch to a metal structure. Utilize custom cut-outs and install glass to catch the eyes of passersby. Use concrete block to fortify your building. This inexpensive building material is the perfect complement to a barn or shed.

Beautify your exterior with stone panels, stucco, or wood accents. Of course, paint is a great way to personalize your property with your favorite color palette. Make your house the envy of the neighborhood with a few cheap exterior additions.

Install New Lighting in Your Metal Building

Create an elegant impression with outdoor lighting on your metal building. Subtle farmhouse lights make your patio usable at night, without overpowering your home with light pollution. Find lighting that matches your needs—from dramatic uplighting to cozy sconces or inexpensive LED strips. 

Relax on long summer nights or use floodlights to extend working hours on short winter days. Whatever your needs, lighting will enliven your outdoor space without breaking your budget. 

Add Landscaping to Your Metal Building

An expert landscaper can boost your property’s value exponentially. Pick homegrown vegetables from your garden or plant a few fruit trees for fresh food and natural shade. A handful of plants will create a warm, organic atmosphere to contrast with the bold exterior of your metal building. Plant a flowerbed and add a splash of living color to your front yard. A professionally xeriscaped garden is a sustainable option that helps save money on utilities. Place a row of flowers or shrubs along your stone pathway to lend a whimsical look to your home.

Of course, a lawn softens the appearance of your building and offers a comfortable place for children or pets to play. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add a green roof to your building, saving energy with natural insulation.


These choices can seem daunting at first, but a professional designer will make the process easy and enjoyable. Simply sit back and watch the value of your property climb as qualified experts add a few stress-free additions to your custom metal building. Don’t hesitate to contact Alpha Structures with any questions about your home or business. 

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