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How to Choose the Best Metal Building Company

Daniel Torres

Metal buildings are becoming more and more popular for a wide variety of construction projects, but the metal building construction company you choose can make or break your project.

What are the most important considerations when choosing a metal building contractor?

Let’s imagine you are shopping for a 30 by 50 foot metal building when in reality a 20 by 60 foot structure will get you the best bang for your buck, and meet your needs. An experienced contractor will be able to coach you through this decision over the phone and offer more in-depth advice when they see your building site. 

Look for resourcefulness, short delivery times, and competitive prices when searching for the best metal building company. Do your due diligence before you decide on a contractor. Otherwise, your project may be doomed before it even begins. The following signs bode well for the success of your project: 

  • Your contractor provides multiple options for each facet of your metal building
  • Responds quickly to inquiries
  • Accommodates fast deliveries in every state
  • Offers competitive pricing
  • And can educate you over the phone and in person

Here at Alpha Structures, we prefer to work with independent contractors who have previous experience at large manufacturers. These contractors are often well-versed in fields like welding and installation, and they tend to offer more affordable prices because they don’t have the overhead of big companies.  


In our experience, independent contractors show resourcefulness and can keep up to date with changing prices and delivery times. Many companies are content to follow a formula and give a one-size-fits-all solution to their customers. A high quality metal building company will go the extra mile and find new contractors that continuously meet the highest standard.

How soon are you hoping to install your metal building? Talk to one of our  specialists about available dates.

The Best Metal Building Company: Key Considerations

It’s vitally important to choose the best metal building construction company. Even with a quality product and an ideal building site, a bad contractor can derail your project irreparably. A good metal building company recognizes that each customer has different requirements and preferences. Therefore, the best way to make the right choice is to first outline your requirements.

  • Products and services range: What do you need? Make your plan. Does the company offer the type of metal building you want? What are their specialties? 
  • Certifications: If your project requires more advanced certifications, make sure that your contractor can deliver. Are they certified with plumbing, electric, solar panels, or other professions that require secondary education? If not, be certain that they work closely with a reliable partner. 
  • Is your metal building company prepared to vet contractors? Alpha Structures works with a large pool of engineers who are willing to put their licenses on the line to guarantee workmanship. We don’t let just anyone work on your building. You can rest easy knowing our contractors will not cut corners. 
  • Many contractors offer what sounds like a thicker gauge of steel but is actually a flimsier, inferior product. With metal, smaller numbers imply a thicker gauge. For example, a contractor may offer 18 gauge steel, which is actually thinner and weaker than 14 gauge. Bear this in mind when searching for the best metal building company.
  • You get what you pay for in construction. If a contractor offers a price well beneath other competitors, this is a red flag. It’s important to distinguish between good salesmanship and a bonafide quality contractor. They are responsible for paying for labor, materials, installation, etc., so when the price drops, they are cutting corners. Price is only half of the equation. Look for good reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • There is a difference between value and price. Many contractors offer low prices and low value. Save yourself money from future repairs by doing things right the first time.
  • Customer support: what sort of support staff does your contractor offer? The best metal building construction company will accept your questions and concerns without hesitation. 
  • Lastly, look at reviews and photos of a contractor’s previous work. If you don’t like their portfolio, save yourself time by moving on to a more reputable metal building company.

All-in-One Contractor

The best metal building contractors offer bundled discounts, instead of splitting work across several different builders. With a little research, you can relax as an experienced contractor takes care of the entire construction process. 

Alpha Structures is proud to offer all-in-one bundles in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and California. This includes grading, foundation pour, plumping, electrical, solar panels, interior finishing, metal building insulation, design, and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team. We value your business and will strive to exceed your expectations as you enjoy quality work for an affordable price. 

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