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Six Reasons For a Metal Building in North Carolina

Alicia Morales

We probably don’t need to tell you that wood prices in North Carolina have become outrageously expensive. The good news is, steel remains far more affordable, and metal buildings have become increasingly popular for not only their price but for their durability, strength, and low-maintenance requirements.

Lumber prices have more than doubled over the past year. What would have cost around $25 per square foot now looks more like $50-$65, and the cost of wood seems to only continue rising week to week. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), wood prices have jumped more than 180% since the spring of 2020!

If you’re ready to build a home, storage shed, garage, barn, carport, commercial building, or just about any other construction project in North Carolina, a metal building might be just what you’re looking for.

6 Reasons to Choose a Metal Building in North Carolina?

With North Carolina’s construction industry prices skyrocketing, many property owners struggle to find ways to build affordably. Many people still think that metal buildings are impersonal and cold, but the latest developments in the metal building industry have proven that way of thinking outdated. Nowadays, choosing a metal building in North Carolina for your construction project is gaining massive popularity for its affordability and curb appeal. 

Metal buildings in NC

  1. They’re Customizable

    Whether you’re looking to build a barndominium, auto shop, guest house, garage, carport, ranch, horse stall, or something else, metal buildings in North Carolina are entirely customizable to meet your exact needs. You get to choose dimensions, colors, lighting, doors, windows, exterior wainscotting or stone siding, soffit and fascia, porches and patios, dutch corners, solar panels, and more. It all comes down to your vision, preferences, and budget.

  2. They’re Durable

    Metal buildings are hands down the most durable structures on the market in North Carolina. More and more North Carolinians buy metal buildings as a legacy purchase passed down to kids and grandkids. 

  3. They’re Easy and Affordable to Maintain

    Metal buildings can be cleaned easily with a hose or pressure washer. They are also far more resistant to pests and mold than wood and don’t need to be restained every two to three years, like wooden structures. 

  4. The Installation is Straightforward and Quick

    Compared to wooden buildings in North Carolina, a metal building usually takes half the time to install, if not much less. Traditional wood structures often take many months to build, whereas metal buildings can be up in days.

  5. They are Safe

    Steel is naturally robust and structurally sound. This durability comes in handy during natural disasters and inclement weather, such as wildfires, storms and hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, and floods. There is a better chance of keeping your goods safe.

  6. Metal Buildings Are Aesthetically Pleasing

    You’ll be surprised at how much curb appeal your metal building in North Carolina can offer. Gone are the days of an unappealing and drab metal building: now you can spice it up with a wide variety of color schemes, designs, and endless ways to complement your structure and surrounding property.

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Top Metal Building Uses in North Carolina

Options for how to use your metal building in North Carolina are seemingly endless, but these are several common uses for metal structures:

Metal Carports

Covering your vehicles in hot North Carolina summers and winter storms is critical to prevent damage. Metal carports can take on any color and size, and can even double as a covered picnic area, pet or livestock shelter, outdoor event space, greenhouse, man-cave or she-shed, or cabin.

Metal Garages

Many North Carolinians also use their metal garage for purposes other than vehicle storage, and metal garages are surprisingly customizable. Choose between a one, two, or three-car garage, a metal garage with an attached apartment, or a simple prefab metal garage.

Metal Storage Sheds

Metal storage buildings are ideal for North Carolina’s climatic risks to stored valuables, given their durability and strength. Thankfully, overstuffed wooden sheds are a thing of the past, and affordable metal storage sheds come in just about any size you want, with tons of flexibility and custom designs.

Metal Barns

For animal shelter, storage equipment, a fully functional horse barn, or riding arena, metal barns are becoming the industry standard in North Carolina and nationwide. More than wood, affordable metal barns provide the strength, durability, and cleanliness you want in a barn.

Metal Homes

Due to the unbelievable increase in lumber prices here in North Carolina, building your dream home out of wood probably feels out of reach. Metal building homes can be just as beautiful, cozy, and functional. They also have an excellent resale value, lower insurance premiums, and are more energy-efficient.

Along with these common metal building structures in North Carolina, all can also double as summer picnic areas perfect for grilling out and hosting parties. You might also use your metal building as a source of passive income by renting it out for events or other uses needed in your local community.

North Carolina Building Guidelines and Regulations

If you’re in an urban area, like here in Winston, Salem, Raleigh, or Charlotte, building guidelines and permitting requirements are pickier. The closer you are to the city, your building is likely to require a site plan, engineer plans of structural design, floor plan, and more. It’s always best to air on the side of caution. 

Click here for Forsyth County-specific information for permit applications, checklists for site plans, fee schedules, forms, and more.

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Tips to Start Building

You want the best value possible, and an all-in-one contractor that includes everything in a package is often your best bet. Bundle discounts with one contractor are almost always much more affordable than hiring different contractors for various tasks. In North Carolina, these packages will usually include foundation, plumbing, electrical, interior finishing work (outlets, drywall, etc.), and even interior design. 

Planning is also essential. Simply put: if you want a rushed job, you’ll get a rushed fee. Any metal building contractor will charge significantly more if you don’t plan. So, leave yourself enough time to get your quote and prepare your site before building.

Purchasing a metal building in North Carolina is far more affordable and offers an impressive list of other benefits. Whether you’re looking to build a home, garage, barn, ranch, carport, or any other construction project, a metal building might just check all of the boxes.

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