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Affordable Metal Horse Barns

Daniela Vazquez

Metal horse barns aren’t just affordable—they offer ultimate comfort and protection for your animals. More than wood, metal horse barns provide the durability, strength, and cleanliness that you want in a metal building.

These spacious metal structures also lend themselves to large equipment storage, hay storage, and any other imaginable purpose. The traditional barn comprises one main building with a lean-to on each side, which can be open or enclosed. However, less traditional yet still functional barns may also include other structures and serve less predictable purposes.

Metal horse barns are entirely customizable. They offer unmatched stability and come in any size you need, depending on your state’s regulations. 

Why Choose a Metal Horse Barn Kit?

Metal horse barns are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Some clients report that animal urine creates more erosion, odor, mold, and rot with wooden barn structures and metal horse barns are far easier to maintain and clean. Metal barns can be cleaned quickly with a pressure washer and mild cleaning solution, while wood takes much longer to dry and becomes damaged over time.

The height potential with metal horse barns makes them excellent for storing hay and other large equipment, as most people choose a barn structure whose center section is tallest. Metal horse barns are also far more affordable than wooden structures—their prices vary widely and depend on factors like size and customizable options, but they tend to fall between $10k and $55k. It’s essential to speak with a professional for an exact quote on your metal horse barn.

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Types of Metal Horse Barns for Sale

Metal horse barns are larger than most other models and are perfect for housing horses and other livestock. However, the following types of metal barns might also meet your needs.


Metal Barns for Horses and Livestock

The traditional horse barn is a safe and protected structure ideal for a single horse or an entire herd. You can rest easy knowing your precious animals are protected by the strength of a steel structure. Not only are metal horse barns far less expensive than wooden barns—their cleanliness and general upkeep are easier to maintain. If you plan to expand your horse barn down the road, it can easily grow with you and your animals, while wood structures don’t offer this same flexibility.

Small Metal Barn and Metal Barn Garage

This small metal barn can house equipment or be used for other storage needs. Whether you have a car, motorcycle, RV, boat, or any other sort of storage use for your small metal structure, metal barns and customizable metal garages are increasing in popularity for their functionality and affordability.

Barndominium: Metal Barn with Living Quarters

Metal barns with living quarters are often called barndominiums, and they are all the rage these days. These large barns can serve as a home or workspace and a barn, auto shop, office space, or anything else you desire. Barndomiums offer massive potential for ongoing projects.

Steel Riding Arena

Large, open metal barn buildings are specifically designed for horses and are ideal as a riding arena. They can be up to 100 feet in length, depending on regulations in your home state, and come with a clear span design that has support beams exclusively on the outer walls, leaving the entire central area free of obstructions. These metal structures stay protected from the outside elements, and because of their easy maintenance, they have become the first riding arena choice for the equestrian community.

Best Location for Your Metal Horse Barn

Given how much time you and your animals will likely spend in this metal barn, it’s essential to do your homework and make sure your barn is well located. Take time to evaluate your property and determine the perfect location for your horse barn, taking care to consider site drainage, climate factors like wind direction and access to utilities, roads, and entryways. 

Depending on where you live, you might want to consider customizations like roof gutters and downspouts to allow water runoff away from your barn’s foundation.

How to Personalize Your Metal Horse Barn

With a metal building, you can personalize your space to meet your needs and add major curb appeal—and horse barns are no different! You’ll be able to choose dimensions, colors, roof styles, paneling, door design, windows for optimal ventilation and aesthetics, skylights, lean-to’s, and more. You might decide to add a concrete space on the side of your barn for bathing and grooming or gates that allow your animals to come and go.

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Final Thoughts

Metal horse barns are becoming the industry standard, as they are affordable, attractive, functional, and endlessly customizable. For maximum safety, durability, easy maintenance, and cleanliness, speak with a professional to get a quote on your perfect horse barn today.

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