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Should I Buy a Metal Garage Kit?

Alicia Morales

For residential living, workspaces, storage units, or any other metal building, metal garage kits are cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and can offer many useful options to increase the value of your metal building.

Similar to your metal building home, metal garage kits will need a sturdy and professionally leveled foundation to start. Once that’s done, your metal garage can go up quickly and conform to your needs. A do-it-yourself metal garage kit is very affordable, and you can choose from customizable options to create your perfect design and space. 

For any new construction on your property, it’s smart to look into the housing market. The housing market is currently sky high, and construction costs reflect that, but metal buildings are still much more affordable than wood or red beam steel. Right now is probably the best time to build, because when you compare the price of wood vs metal garages, metal is roughly half the cost.  

What are Metal Garage Kits, Exactly?

Prefabricated metal garages and metal garage kits are exactly the same things. Designers do all the heavy lifting with a metal building garage kit—they cut the angles precisely, design panels with specific measurements, and weld everything together. Your installation process will be remarkably easy once you receive your metal garage kit.

How soon are you hoping to install your metal building? Talk to one of our  specialists about available dates.

A do-it-yourself metal garage kit is just a garage with all the primary components pre-made. This makes installation much more simple compared to a traditional wood building. Rather than cutting lumber to size on-site, you can complete construction in a number of days. If you’re experienced with building projects, you can complete the project yourself or rely on qualified professional installers to do it for you. The cost of your metal garage kit depends on its size and customization options, but it will be much cheaper and faster to install than wood. 

Metal garage kits can cost as little as $3,000 compared to wooden structures, which start at $10,000.

Before you start construction, make sure to research local regulations to determine whether or not you need permits. Get in touch with your local zoning office to see if permits are required for your metal building. Alpha Structures takes no responsibility for clients who decide against pulling permits. 


Benefits of Metal Garage Kits

  • Metal garage kits are the most affordable option on the market. Save money and enjoy an easy installation process.
  • Metal building garage kits are infinitely customizable. For instance, you can add windows, skylights, interior lighting, heating/AC, custom ventilation for roof and walls, a metal garage door, metal garage shelves, colors, stone siding, planters, bricks, etc. If you want a three-car metal garage with shelves, it’s as easy as ordering from a reliable provider.
  • Steel structures are notoriously durable. Metal doesn’t rot like wood, isn’t susceptible to termites, and is mold resistant. 
  • Metal garage kits withstand harsh climates. Steel buildings are resilient to heavy winds and earthquakes, and our metal garage door will not blow away in a tornado or other inclement weather. 
  • Breathe easy with a low-maintenance metal building. You can easily clean the exterior without worrying about water damage. 
  • A small investment in a metal garage kit can exponentially increase the value of your property. Even a small structure helps with curb appeal and adds another functional space to your home. 
  • Landscaping is an effortless addition to your custom metal building, adding value to your home and beautifying your property. You can even create a vegetable garden or greenhouse and provide food for your family.

Uses of a Metal Garage Kit

  • The most obvious use for your metal garage kit is vehicle storage. This doesn’t just apply to cars—you can easily store a boat, tractor, motorcycle, or even an RV, depending on the dimensions of your metal garage kit. 
  • If you work from home, a metal garage can be converted into an additional workspace. Build a home office, a mechanic’s garage, or woodshop, and enjoy the simplicity of commuting within your own property.
  • Convert your metal garage kit into a guest house to host friends and family, or rent your onsite property for additional income. 
  • Get in touch with your creative side by building an artist studio or music room. 
  • Curate your own personal space with a “man cave” or “she-shed.”
  • Enjoy the shade by your outdoor pool with a poolside cabana. 
  • Get back in shape with a home gym or yoga studio. Save money by canceling your gym membership and exercise from the comfort of your home. 
  • Install solar panels on your roof. Become energy independent and earn money by sending power back into the grid. 

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Here at Alpha Structures, we make do-it-yourself metal garage kits easy and affordable. Simply call one of our qualified employees and we’ll do the heavy lifting, while you sit back and enjoy your new metal garage. 

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