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Clearance Metal Building For Sale: 30'x70'x12' Garage

Kenneth Aguilar

Have you been looking for an affordable clearance metal building for sale to be used as your dream auto shop or workshop? Look no further—we are currently running a special on a metal garage unit that checks all the boxes for the perfect auto shop. 

Clearance Metal Building Details

This commercial building is the ideal size and layout for running a fully functioning auto shop or workshop. 

Type: Metal Garage Style

Dimensions: 30x70x12

Dimensions and features:

  • Three 10'x10' roll-up doors with Dutch corners
  • Three 24"x30" windows
  • One 36"x80" walk-in door
  • Ample room to partition office space
  • Installation and delivery included
  • Just $33,500.00 installed + tax (in southern states)

With undeniable curb appeal and spacious dimensions, this clearance metal building leaves endless options to fit cars and parts, tools, welding shops, and other equipment of all sizes. Right now, we're offering it at an affordable price without compromising the quality and aesthetics you want.

Discount Mechanic Shop with Major Curb Appeal

Some people think metal garages are cold and unfriendly, but that’s far from the case! Along with being durable and easy to maintain, metal building and metal garages can be customized in endless ways depending on your needs and budget. For example, to boost the curb appeal of your commercial metal building, you can consider elegant entry doors, skylights, wainscotting, interior paneling, lean-tos, and more.

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This clearance metal building for sale comes with abundant natural light, roll-up doors with beautifully detailed Dutch corners, and an array of color choices to match any existing structures you already have.

You may have noticed that steel prices have caused metal building costs to increase over the last two months, but we've discounted this clearance metal building to maintain its cost prior to the price hike. 

How soon are you hoping to install your metal building? Talk to one of our  specialists about available dates.

Benefits of Metal Buildings for Your Auto Shop or Workshop

Taking this opportunity to purchase a clearance metal building for your auto shop or workshop allows you to reap the endless benefits of a metal garage within your budget. All metal buildings offer easy maintenance, energy efficiency, quick and easy installation, and countless options for customization. 

This particular clearance metal building allows you to mold the space into exactly what you need for your workshop—you can make it your own. For example, you might decide to partition an area near the first bay door to use as an office space to run your business. This clearance metal building lends itself perfectly to framing out rooms with metal studs and a bit of insulation and drywall.

Creating additional rooms and adding walls is a creative way to set yourself up for substantial storage space and organization, as you can hang shelves, cabinets, or add a workbench along partition walls.  


Do I Need a Concrete Foundation for this Metal Building Garage?

A building is only as solid as its foundation, so it's essential to consider if you need concrete for your metal building. A concrete slab foundation is the most durable and trustworthy. Other options can also work well, such as concrete strips around the base, asphalt, gravel, or dirt. When deciding on any of these options, the key is to have the land professionally leveled first. Seventy-five percent of metal building installation problems come from skipping this step or doing a poor job without professional help.

Keep in mind: depending on where you live, and if you need permits, local counties might require a concrete foundation for your metal building.

Do I Need Permits?

The answer to whether or not you need permits for your metal building depends on where you live, so it's essential to check with your local township. In most cases, buildings 120 square feet and under do not need permits. This clearance metal building is far bigger, so there is a good chance permits will be required. 

Please remember that Alpha Structures is not responsible for pulling permits or advising on local regulations, so the responsibility of getting all necessary permits before installation is on the landowner or homeowner. We will, of course, provide you with all the required documents to get the building permits approved upon the first submission.

How Much is this Clearance Metal Building?

This clearance metal building costs $33,500.00 plus tax in the southern states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

In northern and West Coast states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and California, this could be around 20% higher.

At Alpha Structures, we also offer fixed-rate financing up to $20,000. Call us directly with the button on the top of the page or click below for a metal building quote.

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