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Six Ideas For Your Metal Shop Building

Alicia Morales

Many people assume that metal buildings are prohibitively expensive. But thankfully, metal structures are both affordable and adaptable. You’ll save money compared to wood buildings while capitalizing on the reliability of steel. With a qualified expert on call, you can quickly and easily customize the metal workshop of your dreams.

  • Create Partitions in Your Metal Shop Building with Interior Framing
  • Include a Loft in Your Metal Shop Building
  • Finish Your Metal Shop Building’s Interior Walls
  • Add a Car Repair Lift
  • Climate Control for Your Metal Shop Building
  • Add an Overhang or Lean-to Awning for Affordable Additional Storage

Creating Partitions in Your Metal Shop Building with Interior Framing

Steel is a naturally non-combustible material that will keep your metal shop safe as you partition specific areas for welding, sandblasting, painting, or any job imaginable. Compartmentalize your work zones or add a separate office where you can focus on paperwork. If your metal shop is connected to your business, use metal partitions to create a comfortable lobby or waiting room.

Add a bathroom to make your metal shop feel more like home. Take advantage of the added privacy and save time and money by avoiding frequent trips back to the main building. 

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Include a Loft in Your Metal Shop Building

It’s crucial to maximize space in your metal shop as you accommodate heavy machinery and specialty equipment. A loft is a natural addition if you want to add an office above your work area. This enables you to concentrate on administrative work, planning, or design in a dedicated space. Simply add a couch, TV, and mini-fridge so you can relax in your man cave after a hard day of work.

Obviously, your metal shop must be tall enough to accommodate a loft. At Alpha Structures, we’re on call to help you find a metal shop building that fits your exact specifications. 

Finish Your Metal Shop Building’s Interior Walls

It’s easy to assume that metal buildings are cold and impersonal. But a few small aesthetic changes will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A splash of paint can enliven your metal workshop without breaking the bank. Drywall is one of the best additions if you want to create a more residential look in your workspace. You can easily place insulation between the drywall and steel framing to keep you warm through the winter. Insulation will pay for itself as you save money on heating and cooling. You can depend on the durability of steel while enjoying the cozy touches of wood paneling, tile, or whatever material suits your taste. 

It’s imperative to install wiring, plumbing, lighting, and fire protection before you finish your walls. Once everything else is settled, new walls will customize your metal building and bring it to life. 


Add a Car Repair Lift

Are you a mechanic looking to install a metal garage on your property? Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, adding a car repair lift will transform your metal building into a functional garage overnight. 

A two-post car lift with a 10,000-pound capacity may set you back $2,000-3,500. But after this initial investment, you’ll have the freedom to work from your home or set up an offsite business. A car lift is a convenient addition that can pay for itself as your business flourishes.

Climate Control for Your Metal Shop Building 

If you work year-round in your metal shop, you know that extreme temperatures can add an unwanted challenge to your workday. Climate control is a great solution that will allow you can concentrate on the task at hand. 

Add Overhead Fan or Extractors

Without proper airflow, your metal building can turn into a heat trap and make summer work extremely unpleasant. Install overhead fans and breathe easier without breaking a sweat. If your work produces fumes, you may want to add extractors to keep your environment healthy. Fans and extractors work well in tandem and guarantee that fresh air is flowing through your metal shop at all times.

Heat Your Metal Shop Building

Do cold temperatures keep you from working in the garage in the winter? Depending on the dimensions of your space, there are numerous ways to heat your metal shop that will ensure you won’t miss a minute of work due to poor weather conditions. You can simply plug in an electric heater or invest in a pellet stove to save money on electricity. In-floor heating offers a comprehensive solution and keeps your feet warm on cold days.

No matter which heating method you choose, it’s vital to install proper insulation. You can save money on heating costs and reduce your environmental impact at the same time. 

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Add an Overhang or Lean-to Awning for Affordable Additional Storage

If your garage is overcrowded and you don’t want to purchase additional storage, an awning provides ample space to stow miscellaneous gear. Focus on your work without the distraction of clutter and keep your valuable tools locked safely inside your metal building. You can also use an overhang to set up an outdoor break room. All you need are a table and chairs to create a comfortable relaxation area for you or your employees.

At Alpha Structures, we want to help you realize the metal workshop of your dreams. You deserve the perfect metal shop building to launch personal projects or conduct your business. Our qualified experts are happy to discuss a wide variety of options and customize a metal building that will serve you for many years.  


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