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Are Metal Carports Worth the Investment?

Alicia Morales

As buyers continue to learn about the affordability and versatility of metal carports, this type of structure has never been more popular. But just like any investment, you want to know how a metal building will hold its value in both the short and long term before making the decision to buy one. 

If you’re in the market for a durable and affordable carport kit, look no further. Metal carport kits offer a dependable investment that will last decades. They are easily adaptable to meet your needs—you can use your metal carport as an art studio, mechanic workshop, greenhouse, or whatever you can imagine. And you can count on steel because it is more durable, more structurally robust, more affordable, and more customizable than wood.

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Reasons Metal Carports are Well Worth the Investment 

With minimal maintenance, your metal carport will actually increase in value—just like real estate, stock portfolios, or any other lucrative investment. Search your local area for carports for sale and enjoy a wide array of features. Always keep in mind that metal building financing is also an option for metal carports.

  • Metal carports add usable space to your home or business and actually increase your property value. Because metal carports don’t decay like wood buildings, you can increase your return on investment over several years.
  • A cursory search of “metal carports near me” returns endless results with countless uses for your custom metal carport. Use your carport kit as a man cave or she-shed. Enjoy energy independence with a solar array or wind turbine. Metal buildings are flexible enough to meet your exact needs.
  • Steel carports offer ultimate vehicle protection. Store your boat, RV, motorcycle, or tractor with confidence.
  • Most buyers are surprised by the affordable price of metal carports. A two-car garage with 18x26x9 foot dimensions can range from $10,900 up to $21,000.
  • It’s a common misconception that steel carports are an eye-sore. In fact, they usually boost curb appeal. Choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and decorations to beautify your custom metal building.
  • Upgrade your barn with a metal carport and add hay storage or any other agricultural use. Grow food or house livestock comfortably. A brand new metal barn will keep your assets safe from the elements.
  • Host friends and family with an open-air picnic area. Entertain guests with live music, celebrations, and parties. Make meaningful memories and build community with a wide spectrum of special events.


Carports to Choose From

  • 20x20 foot carports offer the most bang for your buck. These simple carports are nothing fancy but they provide shelter through inclement weather. The double-coated rust-resistant metal ensures your carport will last indefinitely.
  • Metal carports with lean-tos provide added roof space for a bargain price. Homeowners can easily protect a third vehicle or add an outdoor workspace to their home.
  • Barn style steel carports can accommodate RVs and other large vehicles, and allow for ample storage space on an agricultural site.
  • Large or custom carports are a terrific option if you have specific needs that are not met by traditional carports. Regardless of the dimensions, a qualified metal building company can work with you to build the metal carport of your dreams.

Potential Carport Considerations

Everybody’s metal building needs vary, which is why we like to personalize our approach by kicking off the process with a building specialist who can understand your project and make recommendations specific to your needs. Many people purchase metal buildings without doing the proper research, which can cause serious issues down the line.

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While most of our clients choose to make the investment, consider the following before committing to a metal carport: 

  • Will it give you enough space for what you need to store and protect? 
  • Check with building codes or HOAs to determine if you can build another structure on your property. 
  • Consider the price of pouring a foundation and hiring contractors. Factor in costs like electricity, interior design, and running water so you won’t be surprised with their delivery times and price ranges.

Carports do so much more than simply protect vehicles. They are worth your financial investment and will allow you to create lasting family memories for an affordable price.

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