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Five Reasons to Choose a Metal Office Building

Daniela Vazquez

Are you looking for an affordable office building that offers ample space to meet your company’s demands? Look no further: a metal office building might be just what you need.

Wood prices have risen exponentially over the past year, and prefab metal office buildings have become widely popular for their upfront affordability and lower long-term maintenance costs. They are also more energy efficient and durable, providing endless options for customizing office spaces, conference rooms, and any other office designs you need.

Once you decide on an experienced and professional metal building company to help you, their team should be able to walk you through the process of choosing your metal office building and getting your project underway.

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Why Choose a Metal Office Building?

Your metal building will likely need to fit a significant number of employees. Safety is a big priority when it comes to office buildings, and prefab metal buildings are incredibly durable, safe, and dependable. 

Prefab metal office buildings work perfectly for commercial office buildings, medical offices, retail store spaces, metal shop building, and other commercial uses. They can be endlessly personalized depending on your company’s needs. Depending on the size of your company, you might be looking for a clear span design that leaves column-free space and maximum versatility. Added components to your metal structure can include portal frames, endwalls, framed openings, roll-up doors, slide windows, stucco panels, solar panels, skylights, and much more. You also have complete control over colors, siding, insulation, venting, and other customizations.


Five Benefits of a Prefab Metal Office Building

Check out the following five benefits of going with a metal building for your company's office space: 

  1. Safe

As a company, you are committed to your employees’ health and safety on the job. Metal office buildings are ideal as far as safety is concerned, as they are much better designed to withstand adverse weather conditions than wood. Metal buildings hold up well compared to other materials in the event of earthquakes, fires, high winds, rain, snow, and even hurricanes. 

Additionally, you can easily and affordably customize a metal office building depending on local conditions, such as metal roof styles and pitch designed to withstand heavy snow fall.

  1. Durable

You plan on your company being around for awhile, and the durability of your office building should reflect that. Metal office buildings are more durable than wood or concrete in several important ways. Concrete has the tendency to crack with shrinkage and expansion due to temperature changes throughout the year, and can chip and crumble over time. 

Steel, on the other hand, has a molecular structure that gives it significantly more tensile strength. This translates to more strength and durability over the years, yet enough flexibility to withstand climactic factors and allow for more design options in interior spaces.

  1. Easy to Install

While the installation process depends on the size of your prefab office building, metal structures are far easier to install than structures made with other materials. A small office building could take only a few days to install, or a week or two for larger structures. Many business owners value this quick installation time to get their business up and running as soon as possible. 

  1. Cost-Effective to Maintain

Compared to wooden structures, metal is resistant to termites and far less prone to rotting, molding, cracking, and splitting. Metal buildings can be easily cleaned with a power washer or hose, and don’t need to be restained or repainted every few years, as is typical with wood.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Positioning your company as eco-friendly is a win-win for everybody. As a company, you save money throughout the year, and you gain respect for eco-friendly policies and practices.

Metal buildings can be recycled, and they don’t require trees being cut down for wood or landfill space. In fact, research shows that 88% of existing steel is made from recycled steel, which is why steel is becoming more commonly recognized as the premier green construction material.

Steel roofs and solar panels also work well together. Crystalline panels can be mounted directly to raised roof ribs with brackets, and their installation won’t cause the same wear and tear as they do when used with traditional roofs. Laminate roof panels are specifically designed for metal roofs. They are lightweight and produce less energy than crystalline panels, but are much simpler to install and maintain.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to speak with a metal building professional to discuss your company’s needs and learn about the many prefab and custom metal building options for your office space. As with any commercial metal building, you’ll need to research required permits in your area. Our team is happy to point you in the right direction and walk you through the process.

Metal office buildings are rapidly gaining popularity for good reason. More and more companies are understanding their limitless potential to save money upfront and long-term, contribute to future-oriented solutions as an eco-friendly option, and offer customization opportunities depending on your company’s needs.

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