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5 Businesses You Can Start with Commercial Steel Buildings

Alicia Morales

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting—and complicated—moves you can make. If you are taking the first steps into the world of entrepreneurship or opening your own business, then you’re already passionate about delivering high-quality service to your customers. 

However, the rising costs of business and the thin profit margins of a startup can be intimidating. One smart choice you can make early is to base your business out of a commercial steel building, which offers low upfront costs, fast installation, and energy efficiency. Let’s look at how a steel building can benefit your business, no matter what field you’re in.

Auto Repair

Steel is the perfect choice for an auto repair shop, thanks to its ease of use and low cost. Whether you’re building a custom design or opting for a prefabricated structure, steel can give you the high ceilings, good ventilation, and spacious floor plan that you need. 

If you have experience in the auto repair field, you know how important regular maintenance is to keep things running smoothly. The same is true for the building you use every day! Fortunately, steel is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting building materials available. Steel provides protection from wind, rain, and snow, and can be assembled much more quickly than wooden or concrete structures, keeping your costs and downtime low.

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Warehousing & E-commerce

If you’re looking for a warehousing solution, whether for your e-commerce business or as extra storage, square footage is probably your number one concern. Fortunately, steel has one of the lowest cost-to-space ratios in the field. In fact, a steel warehouse can be built for 20-30% less than a traditional warehouse, while still providing the protection and dependability you need.

Steel buildings are also much easier to modify, extend, and renovate quickly. Relocation and recycling costs for steel buildings are much lower than traditional materials, making it the perfect fit for a business that needs to be flexible and responsive to fluctuating product and storage volume.


A vital backbone for commercial industry, trucking ensures that goods reach their destination on time. To support this work, a trucking facility provides everything from refueling, service, storage, vehicle maintenance, and weighing stations, to accommodations for truckers like food, restrooms, and showers. 

Because of the enormity of trucking facilities, the cost of traditional materials and upkeep can become untenable. Thankfully, steel is low maintenance and low cost, even at a large scale. Whatever amenities your site offers, and whatever your construction needs, the versatility of steel and its short construction time make it the perfect solution. There are also several modular designs to choose from, which can help you outline the process from design to installation. 

Culinary & Beverage

The food and beverage industry covers a lot of ground, from manufacturing and processing ingredients to preparing and packaging the products your customers crave. The perfect complement to this versatility is a well-designed steel building that serves all your needs at one low cost. With modular and prefabricated designs, you can easily design the perfect space for your culinary or beverage business. 

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Steel buildings are energy efficient and low-maintenance, which means they are dependable and help you keep costs low. They are also fire-resistant and durable, keeping your ingredients, products, and (most importantly) your staff safe. An environmentally friendly option, steel buildings are easily recycled, repaired, and relocated—making it easy to walk the walk of sustainability.

Fitness Centers

You may be surprised to learn that many steel building owners use them for fitness and rec centers—but when you consider the diverse needs of the industry, it makes perfect sense. Whether you need a space for weights and cardio or a larger building for rock climbing, gymnastics, and other space-intensive activities, a prefabricated steel building can give you the square footage you need at an unbeatable price.

High ceilings, great ventilation, and low energy consumption are all easily accomplished with a steel structure at a fraction of the cost traditional buildings demand. Even better, a steel building won’t need struts or support columns that might otherwise block your open space. 

Final Thoughts

The versatility of commercial steel buildings makes them a perfect choice for your new business. Choose from a selection of prefabricated or modular designs, or customize the perfect space for your needs. The low upkeep costs, high energy efficiency, and customizable design will provide a solid foundation and dependable space for the day-to-day work of your business. Whether you’re running repairs, cooking up something fresh, or providing a space to store critical product components, it can all be done quickly and affordably with a commercial steel building.

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