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Is a Three Car Garage Worth It?

Alicia Morales

While a garage is a must-have feature for most homeowners, its size can vary depending on your exact needs. While they are tempting, cost and space tend to give many homeowners pause.

When considering if a three car garage is worth the investment for your home, there are a few key questions to ask yourself, whether you’re building from the ground up or considering an expansion.

Benefits of a Three Car Garage

Because you are already considering a three car garage, you likely have some ideas in mind for the extra space. There are some limitations to keep in mind, however. Your existing home layout or land may make it difficult to expand from a 2 to 3 car garage, or you may be concerned about the cost and timeframe of construction. 

Fortunately, metal garages offer an affordable alternative so you don’t need to compromise on size. Wood garages cost between $35 to $65 per square foot, while metal costs up to 75% less at just $14 per square foot. This can help minimize space and cost concerns, freeing you up to explore the possibilities of a three car garage setup.

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Vehicle Storage

Obviously, a three car garage is ideal for your needs if your household has two or more vehicles for security, weather protection, and long-term storage. A metal garage provides better protection than a carport, even for other vehicles like motorcycles, quads, and boats. By expanding your vehicle storage space with a metal garage, you can free up your property, driveway, and other spaces.

Versatile Space

If you don’t need it for vehicle storage, a three car garage can make a great home office, auto workspace, or guest home space. Metal buildings are extremely customizable with lighting, window, and insulation options that give them flexibility for every use case.

Take advantage of the range of upgrade options available and boost the curb appeal of your metal garage. Consider a loft area for guests, windows for natural light in your workspace, or electric doors for ease of use.

Resale Value

In addition to the benefits a three car garage will provide you as a homeowner, it also provides long-term value when you are looking to sell. Garages are on the top of the list for many home owners, with 85% of property buyers saying they are looking for garage storage space. 

Properties with a single car garage or less are likely to be passed over, especially in states with extreme weather like snow, heavy rain, or extreme heat. In general, a garage of any kind adds between $15,000 to $40,000 to a property’s value, with a three car garage adding $50,000 more to the property value than a two car garage.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever your specific needs are, a three car garage is a great way to grow the long-term value of your home, while offering unique storage solutions and a flexible workspace.

Typical setups can be costly and time consuming to build, but there’s no need to compromise on the size and quality that you need. Metal garages are an incredibly versatile and affordable option.

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