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How a Metal Garage Building Can Improve Your Home

Alicia Morales

Have you been dreaming of expanding your home, but worry the price range is out of budget? 

If so, you’re not alone. The price of construction and materials has skyrocketed in recent months, leaving home improvement projects and additions seemingly impossible. However, due to the use of sustainable materials, a metal building might be the answer.

Whether you’re constructing a home office, workshop, guest accommodations, or simply desire more space on your property, a metal garage building may be the way to expand without breaking the bank.

Metal Garage Building Uses

Metal garage kits can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on your exact needs. Whether your current metal garage needs to be repurposed to maximize space, or you're considering an expansion that can serve multiple functions, the diversity of customizations makes a metal building a great choice. We've compiled the top unique and creative ways you can transform your metal garage into a home expansion that adds value to your property.

Storage Space

A new metal garage provides you with vehicle protection and security options. However, many people purchase a metal building to store RVs, store boats, motorcycles, tractors, lawn equipment, holiday decorations, children’s toys, patio furniture, and anything else that requires storage and creates clutter in your home or garden.

Home Office or Workspace

A detached garage makes for the perfect home office, shop, workspace, or general multi-purpose space. You’ll have plenty of peace and quiet with a dedicated space on your property that’s not directly attached to your house, which might be particularly important for people working from home with kids. A detached office just about guarantees a more productive workday.

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Guest Accommodations

Building an entire guest house may be financially daunting, but a metal garage building offers potential for a comfortable and private guest room. Just like any other metal building, metal garages can be completely customized. For example, you might add lofted living space, custom decor, and other personalizations to make your metal guest room inviting—and even luxurious.

Purchasing a metal garage kit is far more affordable than enlarging your home to create guest accommodations. When family or friends aren’t using the space, your garage can be used as a rental unit for additional income.

Increasing Your Home Value with a Metal Garage Building

One benefit to adding a metal garage building is an automatic boost to your property value. An attractive and spacious metal garage is a feature many home buyers are now looking for, largely because they are easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly versatile.

A Florida State University study found that adding a metal garage can increase your property value by 13%, which translates to an 81% return on the investment of installing the metal garage.

Steel buildings are not only affordable, but durable, functional, and safe. The metal garage you build now will look the same in five to ten years, which is a vast departure from the natural degradation you’d experience with a wooden structure. Metal buildings also require far less maintenance over time, meaning your initial investment certainly pays off.

Mistakes to Avoid When Adding a Metal Garage Building

Don’t forget: the many benefits of a metal garage building and the margin by which it will increase your property’s resale value rest on whether or not you avoid certain mistakes.

Choose the Right Metal Garage Building

When selecting a metal garage building, it’s critical to choose one that will adequately meet your space needs, without overshadowing pre-existing structures. Oversized garages can make a property feel crowded, which decreases the resale value of your home. Carefully consider the dimensions of your lot, and speak with a knowledgeable metal building expert to decide which size garage is best.

Consider the Aesthetics of Pre-existing Structures

For a higher return on your investment, make sure the aesthetics of your metal garage match the aesthetics of your home or other buildings already on the property. Types of materials, stylistic customizations, and colors can be chosen to match other structures.

Customize Your Garage

The customizations you choose will also significantly impact the resale value of your property. For example, a metal garage can be fitted with various types of insulation, heating, air conditioning, skylights, windows, interior lighting, custom ventilation for roofs and walls, stone siding, planters, and bricks. Options for customizing your metal garage are infinite and can add interest to your property once looking to sell. 

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Final Thoughts

Metal garage buildings can expand and add major value to your home. Compared to wooden garages and other structures, metal is far more durable, affordable, easy to install, energy-efficient, and sustainable. Metal garages last a lifetime and can be easily expanded over time if you end up needing more space.

Whatever the reason for needing more space on your property, a metal garage building is a unique and cost-effective way to meet your needs and boost your home’s resale value.

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