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Holiday Decorations for Your Metal Building Home

Alicia Morales

The holiday season is an opportunity to bring joyful energy, festive music, and enticing food to those around you. An especially exciting part of this cheerful season are holiday decorations. From the greenery to the bright colors and lights to the winter-themed blankets, there’s nothing like decorating to get you in the holiday spirit.

However, despite their great benefits, metal buildings and homes introduce unique challenges to holiday decorating. We’ve compiled a range of different and exciting ways to add some holiday cheer to your metal building.

Metal Building and Barndominium Decoration Ideas for the Holiday Season

Coordinating and decorating your home for the holidays can be difficult enough in and of itself. Additionally, metal buildings and barndominiums offer a host of their own challenges.

Homeowners and business owners aren’t able to easily thumbtack their interior walls or use nails on exterior walls for lights and decor. Further, attempting to match decorations with the aesthetics of a metal structure can be a struggle.

Try these tips and tricks for decorating your metal home this holiday season!

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Decorate Steel with Steel

Lean into the pre-existing aesthetics of your metal building home and complement the steel of your walls with similarly colored decorations. Utilize steel or steel-colored tree buckets, ornaments, or stocking hooks to tie in your traditional decor, and even use metallic-colored tinsel as an accent to your windows and doors.

Get Creative with Wall Hangings

Although metal buildings can be personalized with drywall and insulation, most metal siding is not conducive to staples, nails, or thumbtacks. Get creative with barndominium decoration ideas by using tape, putty, velcro, or even magnets to affix decorations to your metal building home. 

Outdoor Lights

If your barndominium already has aesthetically pleasing lighting, cheery holiday lights can take your home to the next level. Accentuate the natural lines of your home with thoughtfully-placed lights around your roof, doors, windows, and exposed beams.

It’s important to find outdoor lights that can weather frost, snow, and rain. Make an investment that will last multiple seasons and save yourself the headache of replacing decorations every year. 

Magnetic clips are a perfect tool for barndominium decor because they can be easily attached to any part of your metal building. When it comes time to take your decorations down for the season, the clips will come off effortlessly.

Remember to use the buddy system when installing holiday lights on the roof. Even a sturdy ladder can be compromised if it is placed haphazardly. Invite a friend or family member to help decorate.

Celebrate the Holidays with a Festive Metal Building

Although they require some extra creativity, metal buildings are just as conducive to festive holiday decorations as traditional buildings. 

No matter what holiday you celebrate, a few tasteful decorations and lights can brighten up your metal home. Use your surroundings for inspiration, such as rustic decor that features woodworking for those setup on a farm. If you live in a forested area, use more evergreens inside your home and tree motifs in your yard.

Whether you choose to go all out with your metal building decoration, or prefer to keep it low-key, we hope you’ll enjoy safely hosting family and friends in your new metal building. 

Happy Holidays from everyone at Alpha Structures!

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