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Best Metal Building for a Farm

Alicia Morales

Farm equipment has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. From tractors to irrigation, advances in technology have improved yields for American farmers and significantly influenced the agricultural industry.

This evolution also applies to the antiquated image of the red wooden barn. These days, most farmers choose the modern dependability and affordability of a metal farm building over a wooden structure.

If your farm is experiencing growth and you’re expanding your acreage, you probably need a spacious area to safely store equipment or livestock. That’s where a custom metal farm building comes in.

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Wooden Farm Buildings

Wooden barns were popularized throughout the United States when Europeans started settling in the 1700s. These simple structures served their purpose for many years, providing shelter and storage space for early agricultural workers. But advances in technology made a wide variety of new machinery essential for the modern farmer. As a result, barns needed a bigger footprint to accommodate numerous machines, from cream separators to threshers and gang plows.

Wooden barns were often plagued by termites, structural issues, and flammability. They also became structurally unstable after reaching a certain height, and ultimately failed to keep up with the agricultural technology boom. During the 19th century, most farms chose to replace their wooden barns with brick barns. 

Now wooden barns evoke a quaint pastoral image, but they are largely a relic of the past. Most metal building farm homes today are made from reliable steel—and for good reason. Read on to learn why contemporary farmers are increasingly choosing steel barns over wooden structures.

Metal Farm Buildings

Metal farm buildings are the favored structure for the modern farmer for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they are not susceptible to termites, carpenter ants, fires, or natural disasters. A well-made metal farm building will last generations.

You can count on a high return on investment from a metal barn because they stand up to the elements and require minimal repairs. Many people are concerned about the price of metal farm buildings, but their lifetime cost is much lower than other materials. For example, wooden barns may have lower upfront costs, but they require continuous maintenance and eventual replacement. 

Construction is also much more difficult for wooden and brick buildings and may require hundreds of hours of labor. Prefabricated metal farm buildings are easy and efficient to install. A qualified team can usually build a metal barn in less than a week.

How to Use Metal Farm Buildings

Farmers know that agricultural buildings serve a wide variety of uses. Here are a few potential ideas for your new metal farm building.

  • Shelter Livestock. Protect your livestock from predators and inclement weather with a reliable metal barn. Use affordable dividers to convert your metal building into a stable. You can even subdivide your barn for different animals like pigs, poultry, goats, or cattle.
  • Supply Storage. Keep your supplies safe from the elements in a waterproof metal barn. Avoid unfortunate losses and financial setbacks with convenient on-site storage.
  • Workshop. Whether you are a mechanic, a welder, or any type of craftsperson, a metal farm building offers a convenient place for an on-site workshop.
  • Farmhouse. If you already have enough room for storage, consider adding living space to your property. Use your new metal building farm home as your primary residence or add a guest house for friends and family. Host parties or simply relax after a hard day’s work.
  • Crop Storage. Customize your metal barn with insulation and temperature control to keep your crops in good condition. Losing harvests to pests and weather can be devastating to your bottom line. Make a small upfront investment and protect your yield for years to come.
  • Equipment and Machinery Storage. Machinery represents one of the single largest expenses for most farmers. Provide adequate protection for your investment with sturdy walls, high ceilings, and reinforced doors. Avoid theft and natural wear and tear with a metal farm building.

Regardless of your needs, metal farm buildings make a great addition to virtually every property. Depend on the strength and affordability of steel as you future-proof your farm.

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